Takedowns and GroundfightingTakedowns and Groundfighting

Krav Maga only has a few takedowns, there are many we could use but we only use a handful of the ones which are easiest to remember and work well against larger attackers.

Krav Maga Bristol Takedowns and Groundfighting

Why train to take someone down? 

I’ve heard this from many self defence instuctors, never go to the ground and if you do get back to your feet as fast as possible. Now I do completely agree with this statement, however there are some circumstances where going to the ground is your best option…

#1 To learn to defend takedowns

In Krav Maga we don’t want to go to the floor, in a multiple opponent scenario this would be terrible, however, to be able to make sure that we don’t go to the floor, the student needs to be able to defend takedowns. And the best way to learn to defend takedowns: by performing takedowns and learning to defend against them. In order for you to be able to stop a takedown, you need to train against someone who has an effective takedown so they can provide you with a realistic attack.

#2 To control someone

One possible way to control someone is on the ground, this could happen for a number of reasons, maybe it is a drunk friend, maybe its an emotionally disturbed workmate – if your Uncle Steve kicks off at your cousins wedding, although clinching and kneeing them into unconsciousness is one form or control, there is definitely room for a slightly less violent one which doesn’t turn you into the black sheep of the family and gets you a telling off from your mum. Take them down, control them, talk to them – negotiate! We even had a student at the club who had an intruder in his house, once he had given him an educational block (punches and knees – Imi called them educational as you were teaching them a lesson) he then had to control the intruder until the Police arrived. A 15 minute wait is a long time if you only have a striking game.

#3 You’re losing the stand up fight! 

What do you do if you’re in a stand up fight which you’re losing and you can’t run away? Take the fight down to the floor and see how you do there. It’s not a great place to be, there could be secondary attackers, it takes longer to disengage, get up and run away but it could be your only chance.

Jim Halton

Krav Maga Bristol Instructor for the Bristol Titans




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