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Krav Maga: designed by the Military – adapted for Civilians

Krav Maga has been used by the IDF since it was created in the 1960s, it is now used by over 500 military and law enforcement units throughout the world. It is a hybrid system which teaches you how to strike and grapple and how to defend against common street attacks including multiple opponents and weapons.

Adult Krav Maga Classes

Kids Krav Maga Classes

Used to train soldiers to become efficient in hand to hand combat in the shortest amount of time possible, this system is very popular amongst civilians who want to learn a proven and battle tested system of self defence so that they are able to protect themselves and their families should they ever need to.

The Bristol Titans have been teaching and training in the martial arts in Bristol for over 20 years and have trained thousands of students in Krav Maga since opening the Titans as a full time Krav Maga Academy in 2010

Krav Maga Bristol at Kingswood

Krav Maga Training in Bristol – Kingswood

The Bristol Titans have been teaching and training Krav Maga in Bristol since 2010 and are fully licensed with the British Krav Maga Association, one of Europes leading Krav Maga organisations.

We offer professional training in Krav Maga in our Kingswood venue in Bristol. Our Kingswood classes have a team of 7 instructors with decades of experience, not only in Krav Maga but many have black belts in the martial arts, professional backgrounds in security (close protection operatives, doormen) and backgrounds in competitive sports as well. Students have access to Nationally Accredited training and grading with the British Krav Maga Association.

Krav Maga Bristol Kingswood

  • Nationally Recognised Coach with 20+ Years Training

    Established in 2010 by Advanced Krav Maga  Instructor Jim Halton. Jim has over 20 years coaching & training experience.

  • Professional Team

    Senior Coach plus 4 experienced Accredited Coaches

  • All abilities & Experience levels

    All abilities and experience levels catered for

Professional Krav Maga training in Kingswood

Krav Maga Bristol

Krav Maga Beginners

Beginner Friendly Training

Our beginner friendly classes in Kingswood are suitable for all levels of experience. You do not need any previous experience to begin your Krav Maga training! Our highly experienced team of instructors will coach you from beginner to advanced. At our Krav Maga Bristol Titans club our team has decades of experience to draw upon.

Krav Maga Self Defence training is simple to learn, dynamic and realistic. You will learn some of the most effective fighting techniques and methodology as used by professionals throughout the world, work up a sweat, burn some calories, build your confidence and have fun with one of Bristols most established Krav Maga schools.

Krav Maga Fitness

Fitter. Stronger. Faster.

Train like a professional fighter.

Our Krav Maga training utilises the same training and condition methods used by professional fighters. From Tabata interval training through to Speed, Agility and Quickness training.

Our qualified Martial Arts Conditioning coach will get you fitter, faster and tougher than you have ever been before. Train like a pro and experience the difference.

Krav Maga Training Bristol

Our Krav Maga Classes

We work off the British Krav Maga national training curriculum – the most advanced and only research based Krav Maga programme used in the UK.  Training and techniques are evidence based on real street attacks using realistic scenarios and training equipment.

Krav Maga Combatives

Stand up and striking – whilst most attacks go to the ground, all start from standing.

  • Technical Coaching for skill

  • Speed & Power Generation

  • High Intensity Padwork for fitness

  • Thai & Focus Mitt work for movement

Fighting from the Ground

Most fights end up on the ground – Krav Maga Ground survival classes teach you what to do

  • Escapes & Reversals from underneath an attacker

  • Dealing with Standing attackers

  • Chokes and submissions from a position of disadvantage

  • Fighting off sexual assault

Street Weapons

Realistic, no nonsense training for the modern world. From Knife crime to Acid attacks.

  • Technical Coaching for skill

  • Speed & Power Generation

  • High Intensity Padwork for fitness

  • Thai & Focus Mitt work for movement

Google 5* Review

Instructor, atmosphere, people – first class.
Tried many martial arts and Krav Maga is one of the best. Love it.
Radoslaw Kara

Experience real Krav Maga with one of the BKMA’s most senior coaches

If you are looking to lose weight, get fitter or just want to feel safer on the streets then our Krav Maga Bristol club has something to offer you.

With decades of experience in the field, 20 years of experience training, teaching and coaching Krav Maga in Bristol and fully licensed by the British Krav Maga Association, we can help you on your journey into self defence training.

Our Bristol Krav Maga Classes in Kingswood and Speedwell have been running since 2010 and are available 4 nights a week.

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays Thursdays 7.30PM – 9PM and Fridays 7pm - 830pm @ Studio 5, Kingswood Estate, Britannia Road, Kingswood, Bristol, BS15 8DB

Krav Maga Bristol – Self Defence Training

  • Self Defence Classes
  • Adult Krav Maga Classes
  • Personal Protection
  • Weapons training
  • Krav Maga Seminars
  • Private Krav Maga Coaching
  • Womens Only Krav Maga Classes
  • Childrens Krav Maga

Krav Maga is recognised as one of the worlds most credible and relevant hand to hand combat and self defence systems.

Google 5* Review

If you are looking for a club to train in Krav Maga, look no further. Jim Halton is one of the best instructors I’ve had the pleasure to train with. Can’t recommend highly enough.
Tony Baxter