What we do in this class:

Kids and Youth Krav Maga  Classes – Kids Krav Maga Bristol, martial arts for children Ages 7 to 15

“So that one may walk in Peace” – Imi Lichtenfield

Fridays 6pm – 7pm

Unfortunately due to the popularity of our class we are unable to take drop in students. Bookings are by appointment only.

The Little Titans is the first Krav Maga school for children in Bristol, an offshoot of our Parent club the Bristol Titans. We first began teaching children in 2013 as we wanted our own kids to have somewhere they could go to learn a realistic and modern self defence system. We didnt want our kids learning a traditional martial art as they rarely reflect todays modern issues and we didnt want them learning a sport as often in the case of sport the goal is to dominate your opponent, something I didn’t want my (then 4 year old to be pushed towards.

Instead we wanted a system which would teach all the foundations of the best arts (boxing, muay thai, BJJ) and which had all the discipline of a traditional martial art but didnt promote or encourage unnecessary violence, instead having an emphasis on avoidance, escape or negotiation.

And so on this basis, we founded the Little Titans.

Krav Maga Kids and Youth Program

Krav Maga Kids classes cover the same tools and drills used by professional fighters. This fast-moving class features a combination of fitness and pad work drills combined to develop speed, endurance, agility and mobility.

Beginners welcome

Kids classes feature:

  • Focus mitt work – boxing skills striking, blocking and evasive movement
  • Thai Pad work – clinching, high-impact strikes using elbows knees and round kicks.
  • Modern mma training to develop power, endurance and speed
  • Mobility work – to increase range of motion
  • A complete and comprehensive ground fighting system

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your first class so Instuctor Jim Halton can introduce himself and speak with you before training commences.

Beginners are most welcome. No experience is required.

The Team:

Head Instructor Jim Halton

Krav Maga Bristol Titans Head Coach

Jim is the Head Coach and owner of the Bristol Titans since 2010 is a Black Belt martial artist, a Licensed Bodyguard, Kru in Muay Thai and a Graduate 5 in Krav Maga.

Assistant Instructor Carly Halton

Krav Maga Bristol Instructor Carly

Carly began teaching at the Little Titans in 2013 and is one of the highest ranking Krav Maga practitioners in the UK

Please bring along:

Please bring the following to your first class:

Training kit – shorts/training bottoms and T shirt


2 X 500 ml bottles of fluid

Protective equipment if owned


  • Friday

    From 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Suitable for:

childrens martial arts classes Bristol

Ages 7 to 15

All abilities