Krav Maga Bristol Titans Club Rules and Training Etiquette

Krav Maga is a modern mixed martial art system of training and has few rules and conventional rituals when compared to most martial arts. However Krav Maga does have some simple rules of etiquette to enable students to get the most out of their training.

  1. Classes start at either 7pm or 730pm, please try to get there 10 minutes early so you are ready to go when the session starts.
  2. Please mention any injuries that you may have either at the start of the session or by messaging your coach before you arrive.
  3. Always introduce yourself to your partner when you first start training with them, if you have any injuries or if you have forgotten essential safety kit make sure you tell your partner before you start to train.
  4. No drugs or alcohol to be consumed before class, if you do you will be asked to leave.
  5. Whilst the instructor is demonstrating a technique or explaining the next drill, please wait quietly and try to make a note of as many teaching points as possible.
  6. If you need to leave the hall or leave the class early please inform the instructor.
  7.  Keep talking to a minimum level. All talking should relate to the class subject.
  8. No swearing or foul language inside the school.
  9. For safety reasons please keep fingernails and toenails short. If you wish to have long nails for fashion purposes please purchase some adequate gloves/trainers to prevent damage to your partner.
  10. Personal hygiene is a must. Please shower before a class and use antiperspirant and/or deodorant.
  11. All students and Instructors must wear British Krav Maga or Bristol Titans T shirts when training.
  12. Keep your training kit clean at all times.
  13. Please treat the dojo with respect, keep it clean and tidy at all times.
  14. Refer to all instructors by their first name or as Coach, Kru or Sir.
  15. All metal objects, jewelry, piercing, necklaces and other items should be removed where possible.
  16. No food or drink on the mat.
  17. All mobile phones to be on silent or turned off during training.
  18. Treat all partners with respect, in sparring or fighting always work at the level of the least able – remember everyone has to start somewhere.
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