How to Improve in Martial Arts

Krav Maga Bristol Titans coach Jim Halton maps out the 8 things required to show you how to improve in Martial Arts and level up your Krav Maga Game.How to Improve in Martial Arts

1. Set your goals, write them somewhere you can see them, do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be fighting fit? Do you want to master a martial art? Do you want to be confident, driven and goal orientated? Decide what your ultimate goal is and then take steps to making it happen. Read more

Krav Maga Bristol Titans Instructor Jim HaltonKrav Maga Bristol – Become a Hard Target

Krav Maga Bristol Instructor Jim Halton writes about the concept of target hardening and Krav Maga.    This is a frequently overlooked area in the martial arts but one which in the security industry is of massive value.

Attackers will often look for “soft” targets. Most attackers will look for physical weakness, the people who are most at risk are: Read more