The importance of coaching in Krav Maga

“A good Krav Maga coach makes the difference between a mediocre student and an outstanding one.  A poor coach will max out at mediocre and take more time to get you there”

Paul Grey. Head Coach – British Krav Maga

Knowledgable and charasmatic Paul is a born teacher and fantastic instructor. He’ll push your boundries and get the most out with humour and good will. Highly reccomended.

John CunninghamStudent at K.M Weston and Bristol
 “Having trained and instructed in several martial arts for the last 30 years, completed courses with some of most respected instructors in the world, engaged in door safe courses, trained with the British Army, I’ve yet to find anything that brings as much realism to my attitude to self defence as much as Krav Maga does.
This coupled with the fact that Jim Halton is one of the most all rounded instructors I’ve had the pleasure to train under, I feel more than qualified to recommend this school to anyone wishing to better themselves, either physically, mentally or just out of need to feel safe.”
Tony BaxterStudent Krav Maga bristol - Kingswood