Martial Arts Games for Kidsmartial arts games for kids

Here are some great martial arts games for kids that you can use in your class

Clapping Shadow Sparring

Purpose – to develop muscular endurance, speed and reactions

Procedure – All the students begin shadow sparring. When the instructor claps, all the students must perform a pre-determined technique. For example, if during that class you have been training breakfalls, on the “clap” all students must perform a breakfall.


Kick the Ball off the Shield

Purpose – to develop kicking accuracy

Procedure – create a stack of shields at a high which is appropriate for the student who is performing the kick. On top of the stack of shields place a ball or pad. The student must try to kick the pad off without touching the shield.


Chase the Tail

Purpose – this game is fun and enhances the students agility, speed, reaction, awareness and defensive and attacking skills. Its also quite competitive!

Procedure – begin by choosing two or three students to become the “hunters”. Every student is given a piece of string, ribbon or rope which they tuck into the back of their trousers. The hunters must try to take the tails of the runners. Once a runner has lost their tail they become a hunter. The game ends when all of the runners have lost their tails.


Pad Clap Drill

Purpose – concentration skills, striking and reaction times are all trained and tested in this drill

Procedure – get all the students to lay down on the floor with their eyes shut. When the instructor claps their hands together the students must all jump up facing the instructor and start to shadowbox using either their favourite strikes or a predetermined striking sequence.


Wall Sparring

Purpose – to develop defensive skills

Procedure – this is a drill for intermediate and advanced students. Student A stands against the wall with their rear heel touching it. Student B throws punches at student A who blocks and parries the strikes or uses their head movement to slip and weave the the strikes. Once the student is confident they can add kicks and knees as well.



So here you go, five of our favourite martial arts games for kids. Do you have any you would like to share?

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