Sparring Tips for Beginners

In this guide our Sparring Tips for Beginners we look to advise the Krav Maga student or student from any striking or submission based martial art on how to improve their sparring ability.

Krav Maga is widely regarded as the best form of self defence training. It is comprised of a mixture of martial arts and modern street self defence techniques and tactics. In Krav Maga, practitioners will regularly train in Boxing, Muay Thai and Grappling (BJJ) as well as alongside weapons training and multiple opponent training.

There are numerous types of sparring for Krav Maga Typically…

Sparring Tips for Beginners

  • Stand up sparring – hands and kicks, muay thai and kickboxing rules
  • Stand up Sparring – hands only
  • Ground sparring – no strikes
  • Ground sparring – all strikes allowed
  • Open sparring – stand up and ground allowed
  • Multiple opponent sparring – survival mode

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