Krav Maga Self Defence System

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What is the Krav Maga Self Defence System?

Krav Maga is a self defence system used and invented by the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces). It was invented by Imi Lichtenfield who honed his skills in the 1930’s fighting fascist thugs in Bratislava. During this period Imi, who’s background was in western boxing and grappling, learned the difference between sport and street fighting. Imi was forced to leave Bratislava in the late 1930’s as Europe became a battlefield. Imi went on to develop Krav Maga in 1948. Read more

Self Defence Classes in BristolSelf Defence Classes in Bristol

The Krav Maga Bristol Titans Academy offer self defence classes in Bristol every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7.00pm

Why is Krav Maga so widely regarded as the Best form of Self Defence?

The combatives of Krav Maga are based on a mix of Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo and Jiu Jitsu – this sometimes leads to the question but what is the difference then between Krav Maga and a combat sport such as MMA, BJJ or Judo?

The differences are actually quite big. Although the combatives (striking or grappling) are the same, in sports you always train for a one on one sport scenario with rules set for safety and against a similar sized and skilled opponent. In Krav Maga we train to defend against this scenario and teach all of our students how to punch, kick and wrestle BUT we also spend time training in:

  • Fighting larger opponents
  • Fighting against multiple attackers
  • Defending against attacks with weapons such as knives, firearms and bats as well as improvised weapons such as bottles and glasses.
  • Dealing with threats – and looking to resolve a situation without having to resort to physical violence
  • Training to defend yourself when you have your wife or kids with you

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