MMA Workouts

Here are some of our best MMA Workouts used by the Bristol Titans

MMA Workout #1

This one is a real burner, you need to go full power and full speed on everything. Make sure to reset into a good stance between each kick and twist your hips on every punch. You can do this as a quick metabolic workout in your class using thai pads or as a finisher to a workout on your own using a heavy bag.

10 right kicks

10 left kicks

30 seconds sandbag burpees

repeat for 10 rounds


MMA Workout #2

A pure bodyweight workout focusing on increasing your lactate threshold and explosive power.

10 burpees – chest to floor and with a clap above your head

10 mountain climbers – using full range of movement, stretch those legs out

10 tuck jumps – jump up and hit your chest with your knees

Thats your first set. Your second set is the same set of exercises but now do 25 reps of each.

Third set is back down to 10 reps of each.

Then repeat.


So in total your reps will look like this: 10 / 25 / 10 / 10 / 25 / 10

Totals are 90 burpees, 90 mountain climbers and 90 tuck jumps.


MMA Workout #3

This will improve your kicking power as well as giving you a good core workout and improving your speed and power.

10 right kicks

10 left kicks

rest 30 seconds

repeat for 10 rounds


MMA Workout #4

Fighters Conditioning Circuit :

5 minute round:

Perform each station for a full minute at full power before moving on to the next

1. Jab Cross Combinations (power shots)
2. Jab Cross Sprawl Knee
3. Thai Sit ups – Head Strike Optional
4. Mountain Climbers
5. Thai Kicks – alternate in 3’s

60 secs per station, no rest between stations. 60 seconds rest between rounds. 3 – 5 rounds.


MMA Workout #5

A well known quote in self defence and martial arts circles (certainly in Krav Maga)  is that:

“it is better to avoid than to run, better to run than to de-escalate, better to de-escalate than to fight and better to fight than to die”

In that case workout 5 will include some running, running is a great form of self defence if you are on your own and able to make an escape then running is a good option. Make sure you practice it though!


Round 1

25 burpees (chest to floor)

400m run

50 squats

400m run

repeat for a total of 3 rounds.


So there you have it, 5 quick short workouts that you can do to improve your Krav Maga or your Martial Arts game.