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British Krav Maga Association Recognized Training

Based in Bristol we have classes for adults and children in both Speedwell and Kingswood, East Bristol. Our instructors are trained and qualified to the highest standards in British Krav Maga, offering courses for adults, kids and women-only. When you train with the Krav Maga Bristol Titans you can have the confidence that you are training in the best self defence system in the world with highly qualified instructors all certified by the British Krav Maga Association.

With over 15 years of experience in the martial arts and the fitness and security industries, the Krav Maga Bristol Titans offer professional training in authentic Krav Maga If you are looking for Krav Maga Bristol classes, real world reality based self defence classes or true martial arts in Bristol then you have come to the right place.

We are one of Bristols biggest and longest running Krav Maga clubs and welcome beginners as well as those looking for true martial arts.

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If you are looking for Krav Maga in Bristol why not try a A Krav Maga Bristol Titans Session for size. It's the fastest way to get involved allowing you to jump straight into the action.

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You'll come straight into one of our classes and get to experience authentic Israeli Krav Maga for yourself. Krav Maga classes are simple, high energy and Beginner Friendly.

Krav Maga teaches you to deal with realistic attacks driven by UK specific research and statistics. 55% of attacks in the UK involve more than one attacker – we begin training you how to deal with this topic from your first week of training. You will also learn how to deal with knives, threats, baseball bats and ground fighting as well as ways to protect not just yourself but your family and friends as well.

Classes are fast paced and dynamic and techniques are pressure tested so that you can be confident that what you learn works not just in the Dojo but when you are rushed, panicked and when you really need it. The combatives from Krav Maga are based on Western Boxing, Muay Thai, Dirty Boxing and Jiu Jitsu. The skills you learn will be tested out in one on one sparring but also against multiple opponents and within different scenarios all led by one of the British Krav Maga Associations most senior instructors, a black belt martial artist and a qualified VIP Close Protection Operative.

The Krav Maga Bristol Titans Academy offers a great community, Nationally Recognised Training and access National and International level events for members.

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“Having trained and instructed in several martial arts for the last 30 years, completed courses with some of most respected instructors in the world, engaged in door safe courses, trained with the British Army, I’ve yet to find anything that brings as much realism to my attitude to self defence as much as Krav Maga does. This coupled with the fact that Jim Halton is one of the most all rounded instructors I’ve had the pleasure to train under, I feel more than qualified to recommend this school to anyone wishing to better themselves, either physically, mentally or just out of need to feel safe.” – Tony Baxter, Bristol