Krav Maga Kit Essentials 

Krav Maga Kit Essentials


Here are some of the most important bits of kit that the Krav Maga student will need once they begin their training. This important safety kit will allow you to get the most out of your training whilst staying safe and lessening the chance of injuring yourself or your training partner.

Krav Maga Bristol – Self Defence – Personal Protection Training

Krav Maga Equipment List

Our Top 5 Krav Maga Kit Essentials List:

  1. Groin Guard
  2. Boxing Gloves or Muay Thai Boxing Gloves
  3. Gumshield
  4. Shin Guards
  5. MMA Gloves

Groin guard

The groin guard is top of the list, it is used to protect your groin. We highly recommend this as the first essential bit of kit that you buy. In Krav Maga we will target the groin, and in case you do get a “cup check” this will pay for itself many times over.

RDX Groin Guard

Boxing Gloves or Muay Thai Gloves 

In Krav Maga sparring is an essential bit of training, one we typically do in every class. If you are an absolute beginner then don’t worry you won’t be sparring on your first session, but a pair of gloves will protect your hands when on the focus pads or the heavy bag, and we can use them in certain partner drills so that you can get used to defending against hard, legitimate strikes so that you know your defence skill in real life will match that in the classroom.

I wouldn’t recommend going for the absolute cheapest gloves you can get, as they say you get what you pay for. Also – buy cheap buy twice. So start off with a reasonable pair. These are pretty cheap still, around the £20 mark but you will get a couple of years use out of these gloves:

V-2 Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

Or if you want to get the Rolls Royce of gloves (much cheaper than a Rolls Royce) then these ones are a great option:

Sandee Leather Boxing Glove


Gumshield is  a great bit of kit used to protect your teeth when sparring. They can cost up to £60 if you get one made by your dentist but a boil and bite one will be fine, these are around £10 and will be very suitable for training:

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

Shin Guards

Shin Guards are great for protecting the shins and allowing you to safely kick your partner with less chance of damaging either of you. I would recommend the Muay Thai shin guards rather than MMA ones as they are great for power kicking and you can take them on and off really quickly.

RDX Shin Guards

MMA Gloves

40z MMA gloves are great for padwork and for sparring on the ground. Boxing gloves are essential for stand up sparring (to protect the hands not the face) but they aren’t very realistic for someone who wants to fight outside of the ring. Your hand needs to become used to striking with as little protection as possible and MMA gloves are a great compromise. You will get used to the feel of striking bare knuckle but without shredding your knuckles on the pads. The best MMA gloves I have tried are Sandee (link below) but the RDX ones (also linked) are top notch as well. Also, Venum, Fairtex and Hyabusa are all very good!

Sandee Leather MMA Glove

RDX Leather MMA Gloves


Essential Krav Maga Kit

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